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Jun 28 2013

First Day Teaching (a.k.a. Narration Works!!)

June 19, 2013

My first day teaching went better than I expected. Every other time that I have started teaching a class, I was a nervous wreck. That was, surprisingly, not the case this time! I was actually pretty calm, and I think the class went pretty well.

One of my collab members said that she could really see me making a connection with the kids and that things went pretty well. She observed me along with my CMA for a few minutes. My CMA pulled out a cue card that said narrate. I admit that I was really apprehensive about narration. I thought these kids are going to think that I am crazy!! To my suprise it actually worked very well. I remember looking at my collab partner, after my CMA left, with raised eyebrows thinking, ‘hey, this is actually working!’

The Best Moment:

We read “The Scarlet Ibis,” which talks about the narrators relationship with his brother. We really made a connection when I talked to them about siblings and told them a story about myself and my little brother. First, I asked them if they had siblings. Then, I asked if they loved them/were always nice to them. Finally, I told them about dressing my little bro in a pink tutu when he was two. They laughed and asked, “What did your parents do to you?” It was just a great connection.

I need to work on holding the kids accountable to hand-raising and other little things. I am hoping we can continue to build relationships and continue the same calm, cool and collected environment we had for my first day!!


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