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Jun 20 2013

Driving Around the Delta

My husband came to visit me at institute this past weekend. It was so great to see him after being away from him for 3 weeks. My momma and our family friend also joined him during his visit. I finally got my car back after buying it a few months ago (it is a yellow ford escape, which I love)! Anywho…I wanted to post some photos from our trip.

I apologize that the photos are sideways and such – I haven’t had the opportunity in the chaos of institute to fix them.

Our Itinerary:

Friday – Catfish @ Fat Baby’s in Cleveland and then on to Greenwood

Saturday РWe left Greenwood (which is where The Help was filmed!) and headed to Holmes County where we searched for homes. We found a nice place with three bedrooms in a nice community :) Upon finding a house we proceeded to the home of Jerry Clower РYAZOO City! It was so cute and had lots of little shops downtown.

Sunday – We left Yazoo City and went to Leland, MS to see Kermit the Frog. After visiting with Kermit and some huge snapping turtles we found the Mississippi River – My Momma was ESCTATIC! (The entire drive to Mississippi for induction she was in search of the Mississippi and was bummed when she never found it) After a wonderful weekend I bid farewell to my family and joined my TFA Family for Lesson Planning.

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