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Jun 03 2013


So the last few days of my life have been CRAZY! I was supposed to arrive Home at 7:00am ¬†Friday, but one of my flights was delayed and I missed my slight to LAX. Ugh! So I didn’t get in until Friday night at 9pm (After purchasing an additional ticket because the Chinese airline forgot to issue a ticket number).

Then on Saturday I was sick – jet lag mixed with food poisoning – not fun!

So yesterday I had to put all of my institute prep into one day! Shopping for clothes, a printer, getting a haircut, and asking my aunt to hem some pants because I am too short :)

Now I am waiting to go get fingerprinted before making the 8 hour drive to Cleveland. My parents are following me in their truck and it feels like I am moving away all over again. I wish I ahead a few more days to gain my bearings, but such is life.

Induction here I come!

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