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May 23 2013

I <3 Scholastic!!

The Delta has an ELA initiative and we had two assignments to complete at the end of pre-work. One, which was optional, was to gather books for our classroom libraries. This was so much fun!! I guess you can tell, dear reader, that I am in fact a book nerd. I love books.


One of the people in our Delta facebook group mentioned scholastic so I signed up for a teacher account. I also joined the scholastic book clubs. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I ended up ordering 48 new books for my classroom. I will add those to books I already have and hopefully have a great start to a classroom library. I highly recommend the scholastic book club to anyone who needs books. There are tons of books on sale and you get points for more books for each dollar you spend – win, win.

Anywho, another tid-bit about scholastic is that they have warehouse sales. You can find a warehouse near you and volunteer at the sale. For each hour you work, you receive ten dollars worth of free books. On top of that most books are 50% off at the warehouse sales. My sister-in-law and I have been hitting the warehouse sales for a few years now. Unfortunately, when I moved I sold most of my books :( However, it is another great way to build your library.

I just wanted to share as I await my box of books. I am so excited. I hope that my students will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed choosing them!

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