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Feb 22 2013

These are the Moments

Before our Chinese New Year beak one of my students left our school. He is applying for early acceptance into college. Before he left he gave me a huge compliment.

We were talking about his writing. I told him how much he had grown as a writer, and how proud I was of the progress he had made. He told me it was all because of me. He went on to explain his experience before he came to our school.  He knew how to write, but he did not know how to format his paper or fix errors. He said I really taught him how to write and write well. He also complimented me on my teaching and how everything made sense in the way I explained it to him. At the end of our conversation he informed me that he can now go on to college as a confident writer.

He’s a great student he will be greatly missed my class but I can’t wait to see what happens in the future for him he has a lot of dreams and I know he’s going to accomplish a lot!

It made me feel really good to hear this from one of my students. These are the moments I live for as a teacher; to know that I change someone’s life and made a difference. I have a passion for teaching in this my prayer that I will continue to be an effective teacher and always have moments like this to share with my students.

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