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June 19, 2013
My first day teaching went better than I expected. Every other time that I have started teaching a class, I was a nervous wreck. That was, surprisingly, not the case this time! I was actually pretty calm, and I think the class went pretty well.
One of my collab members said that she could really see me making a connection with the kids and that things went pretty well. She observed me along with my CMA for a few minutes. My CMA pulled out a cue card that said narrate. I admit that I was really apprehensive about narration. I thought these kids are going to think that I am crazy!! To my suprise it actually worked very well. I remember looking at my collab partner, after my CMA left, with raised eyebrows thinking, ‘hey, this is actually working!’
The Best Moment:
We read “The Scarlet Ibis,” which talks about the…

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Jun 20 2013

Driving Around the Delta

My husband came to visit me at institute this past weekend. It was so great to see him after being away from him for 3 weeks. My momma and our family friend also joined him during his visit. I finally got my car back after buying it a few months ago (it is a yellow…

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Jun 19 2013

Institute Week 2

Last week was a whirlwind of sessions and preparations for our first days in class. I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life (and I have lived/moved to another country). It was really strange for me to go to sessions after being a teacher and learning about all of the TFA teacher stuff. I…

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Jun 09 2013

Wise Words from Mississippi

It has been surreal to be at and finishing induction this week. After a whirlwind of traveling from China, I finally made it to Mississippi. I am so happy to be here. The first few days were hard as I battled saying goodbye to my family and jet-lag. However, I am growing into my position…

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Jun 03 2013


So the last few days of my life have been CRAZY! I was supposed to arrive Home at 7:00am  Friday, but one of my flights was delayed and I missed my slight to LAX. Ugh! So I didn’t get in until Friday night at 9pm (After purchasing an additional ticket because the Chinese airline forgot…

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May 23 2013

I <3 Scholastic!!

The Delta has an ELA initiative and we had two assignments to complete at the end of pre-work. One, which was optional, was to gather books for our classroom libraries. This was so much fun!! I guess you can tell, dear reader, that I am in fact a book nerd. I love books.   One…

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May 12 2013

19 days left in China…

I only have 19 days left in China and then I head back to the states. Soon after I set my feet on U.S. soil I am going to drive to the Delta. I know it is going to be a whirlwind. I cannot leave sooner because of my current job at an international school.…

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Apr 22 2013

Better than I thought…

I guess my interview went better than I thought. The part about me being nervous was definitely true, but despite all of that I got hired! I am very excited. I will be teaching eighth grade English. I will have two classes one reading class and one writing class (4 classes in all). I don’t…

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Apr 20 2013

How did the Interview Go?

Well to say I was nervous would be a complete understatement. I was terrified and shakey. I got on skype ten minutes early and waited telling my self the whole time you are fine – you are fine – you are fine. In the words from the Italian Job I was completely FINE – Freaked…

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Apr 04 2013

Reading, Reading and more Reading!

So I have been reading A LOT! One of the perks of owning an iPad and a Nook in China is being able to download e-books. It is one of the many ways that I feel I can stay connected to the world. Anywho – as a Hunger Games fan, I find myself drawn to dystopian and…

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